A Road Trip from Delhi to Mount Abu

The perfectly compatible bond between travelling and road trip has always excited me. The anticipation of knocking into various terrains, people and sceneries on the road, especially while travelling to a city in the colorful Rajasthan, fetches extra energy for me. So when the plan was set for a road trip from Delhi to Mount Abu I could not resist the invite. It was just me and my friend who started early on an October morning to experience the drive.

Delhi to Mount Abu

Since the distance is long, and both of us could drive the car, we decided to reach Mount Abu by the end of the day. Hence, there was no need of night halt on the trip but we started early because it was about 750 kilometers to destination. While starting the journey from Delhi, nothing was much exciting. We took over the Gurgaon expressway which was a delight for drivers but not an enchantment for a traveler like me. Pleasant and pristine landscapes induce a great enthusiasm for travelling. However, on the Gurgaon expressway what actually can be discerned are the metal poles and the concrete walls evoking nothing but depression during the mild sunrise of October morning, especially when you are sitting idle next to the driver.

However, the depressing but fast drive came to an end early and we hit the Jaipur Bypass. In the mean time the local scenario has changed from technological background to the rustic setting of an Indian terrain. We took a short break for some sandwiches and coffee. After that we started a journey on the broader and wider highway that reminded me of driving on the Pune Expressway. The speedometer was hitting the three figure, which was very unlikely on most Indian roads. After Jaipur, however, the natural rivalry between mother earth and her blessings to some parts of the world can be recognized. The green terrain started to figure out its sandy counterpart here.

Pali-Sirohi Highway

The road till Kishangar was same for all travelers commencing from Delhi via Gurgaon. However, one has to choose between three alternatives to reach Mount Abu – Chittaurgarh-Udaipur NH79, Rajasamand-Udaipur NH8 and Pali-Sirohi NH14. The road via Chittaurgarh is the best for driving but is the longest route. The second option was lengthier than the last option and we wanted to reach Mount Abu by dark. Hence we chose to traverse by the Pali- Sirohi Road on NH14.

What was exciting for me on this road trip was a small diversion from the Pali naka towards Jodhpur. This diversion was deliberately done by my friend since he believed in spiritual incidents and wanted to witness the mystical Bullet Baba temple at Khairla. The destination was not very far and took us about 30 minutes extra to reach the place. Though I am not really a spiritual person, but the story of Bullet Baba or Om Bana appealed to me. It is said that the person named Om Bana met with an accident while riding his Bullet and expired. But his spirit still was attached to his favorite bike and a series of mystical incidents happened after the authorities tried to take the bike from the accident site.

Temple Bullet Baba

It is said that the Bullet came back to its place very abruptly when it was removed from the accident site. Hence a temple was erected by the enthusiastic villagers to appease the spirit of Om Bana. It is also said that if a traveler wishes for something at Bullet Baba temple it is granted to him/her.

I had nothing more to wish than peaceful and several trips to various interesting places. However, we had to pay the visit quick since it was getting late. From here, the driving part was contracted to me till Mount Abu. My friend did not like to drive after sunset. We also had lunch here which was in the hotpots that we carried from home.

The terrain was still the color of Rajasthan and was kind of dry. However, the sceneries started to change after Sirohi and we ascended towards Mount Abu. Nothing much happened here especially because the time of the day did not let me enjoy the beautiful greener patches of Rajasthan. However, while coming back I will surely be able to feast my eyes on the greenery found here. We reached Mount Abu by night and checked in the hotel, ready for the next day’s tour of the magnificent city.
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