Adventure Tourism in Mount Abu

Adventure Tourism in Mount Abu

Mount Abu has been always famous for its soulful natural beauty. The forests of the Aravalli range surrounding the place welcomes tourists, along with its numerous beautiful lakes, waterfalls, greenery and a comforting climate. Leisure time spent to watch the sunrise and sunset over the hills is a soulful experience, amongst the varied flora and fauna of the region.

The Mount Arbud (as formerly known as) started becoming a popular place ever since the British started taking special interest in the region. Almost as early as 1835 AD, the steady patronage of the British Empire started perching this hill station as a jewel amongst the Indian hill stations. As the British started promoting the place as the summer capital of the Rajputana estate, they developed the region with beautiful jungle trails. The Bailey’s Walk, Craig’s Path, Saal Gaon Trail and Palanpur Path are some exciting jungle trails to experience.

For the more rugged trekkers, the Utroj path and Sher Gaon path can be adrenalin pumping challenges. However the icing on the cake is certainly taken by the Tiger path, which has the privilege of being the road to the Rishikesh Temple, one of the most ancient temples on earth. This temple is estimated of being nearly 7,000 years old!

The landscape of Mount Abu is suitable for adventure lovers who enjoy rock climbing, rappelling, wildlife & bird watching and study flora of the place. There are 17 nature trails and pathways approved by the state forest department for adventure activities. These trails wind through different parts of the dense forest with grassland and water bodies, where trekking is allowed on foot and on horse.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is popularly visited by tourist groups along with local guides, giving awesome view of wild animals like sloth bear, sambar, wolf, hyena, wild boar, mongoose etc. The trekking trails are generally laid along the hilly track with small ups and downs. Rock climbing spots are different and are enjoyed by tourists with good physical fitness. For adventure tourism, Mount Abu is splashed and spoiled with unimaginable choices.
Adventure Tourism in Mount Abu
For the tourists with fascination of wildlife observation, viewing point spots like Trevor’s Tank, Salgaon Watch Tower, Craig’s Path, Devangan Valley, Tiger Path, Kodra Dam, Gaumukh, Kulagrah Valley, Gabir Nalla and Sayabera are just a few to be named, out of numerous other choices.

For extreme treks in the forest, there are various places in the hill station. There are many adventure activity organizers, providing many thrilling programs for the nature lovers. These organizers do not align themselves with the local sight seeing tours, which include too much commercialized places with crowd. They rather take their programs exclusively aligned to the natural beauty of the region.

The beauty of these treks is that visitors can enjoy the nature hidden in the jungles and mountains of the Aravallis, along with good hospitality arrangements. Camp sites are present where tourists can enjoy a night stay in the tents amidst nature and do star gazing. Wildlife watching at night are popularly done while staying on tree houses. Meditation caves are present for nature lovers and are popular among the foreign tourists.

Backpacking into wilderness is also enjoyed in the forests of Mount Abu. Famous trekking trails are, Abu Talati, Adesh Cave, Ampani, Anadra, Boyley's Walk, Bear Cave, Bridel Path, Chimeny, Chipaberi, Craigs, Devangan Valley, Koder Point, Kodra Dam, Kothi, Kuda, Kullagarh Falls, Madhuaji, Mahakali Temple, Mamaji, Mamaji Ka Than, Meditation Cave, Neemadi House, Nakki Lake, Palanpur Point, Orehid Park, Saddle point, Salgoan Watch Tower, Tiger path, Thal, Toad Rock.

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