Best Family Getaways in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a small hill station located on the Aravalli Ranges. It is a part of the district Sirohi in Rajasthan and it is quite popular for its tourism. Being placed on the hillock in the midst of desert, Mount Abu is a beautiful tourist destination on tourism map of India. It is a plateau in the size of 22 km by 9 km, accomplished with best facilities to cater large numbers of footfalls received by the city. It is highlighted tourist place for family trips. There are lots of green attractions including wide range of modern activities for kids and other members of family. Here, we see some of the featured places in Mount Abu for family getaways.

Nakki Lake in Mount Abu

Serene Location of Nakki Lake in Mount Abu

Located against the backdrop of Aravalli Mountains, Nakki Lake is one of the prime attractions of Mount Abu. It is placed at the altitude of 1200 meter offering adventurous activities for visitors. People in large numbers, especially families prominently come here. In all fun activities, boating in different boats, rock climbing, and leisurely stroll are the most allured enjoyment at Nakki Lake in Mount Abu. It is said that God scratched this place with his nails and because of that Nakki Lake came into existence. Overall, it is a nice natural place to visit for picnicking in this region.

Dilwara Temples in Mount Abu

Fine Architecture at Famous Dilwara Temple in Mount Abu

Dilwara Temple is a world recognized heritage site located in Mount Abu. Found during the 11th century, it is devoted place of Jain Tirthankaras. It is beautifully crafted with white marble. It is a highly recommended tourist place for history enthusiasts and people who are on a family trip. It is rightly said that tour to Mount Abu is incomplete without visiting this marvelous location. Wonderful craftsmanship on white marble and astonishing designs attract huge people from all around the world to this site.

Sunset Point in Mount Abu

Sunset point, located in Aravalli Mountains is one of the most heavenly sites on the soil of Mount Abu. It is relatively nearer to Nakki Lake and presumed to be a prominent spot to visit, especially in evenings. Nature lovers, couples and kids admire the striking views offered by this location. People enjoy strolling down and enjoying popcorn as well as other snacks available there at local vendors.

Gurushikhar in Mount Abu

Breathtaking View of Gurushikhar in Mount Abu

Gurushikhar is the highest peak of Aravalli Mountain located in Mount Abu. It is located at an elevation of 5676 feet from sea level. It is one of the most enthusiastic places to visit in this region. It is an exceptional region of Rajasthan where temperature remains low throughout the year. It is approachable through own vehicle right up to the top of hills. People enjoy the mesmerizing climate and alluring location of Gurushikhar. Entire region of Gurushikhar is quite windy and people enjoy the sightseeing and panoramic view of Mount Abu. Observatory with 1.2 meter infrared telescope attracts children who have interest in space science. Raghunathji temple and astronomy center are must visit places to explore in the region of Gurushikhar.

Peace Park in Mount Abu

Peace Park is the perfect spot to enjoy peace and tranquility at same place. Fringed in the lap of nature between the two peaks of Aravallis, it is a preferred place to tour for its beauty and significant views. People who are traveling with family predominantly come here to grab glimpses of beautiful landscapes and wonderful sightseeing of nature. Being under the Brhamakumaris, it is most disciplined region with absolute silence, clean surrounding and beautiful maintenance.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Landmark Stone Incription of Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Stretched in the area of 290 sq km, it is one of the most wonderful locations for wildlife enthusiasts. It is flourishing in this region since 1960 and is well known for wild animals like wild boar, fox, panther, and even tiger. This wildlife sanctuary abode about 112 species of animals including pangolin, leopard, porcupine, and numerous rare birds. It is an adventurist place to arrive for sheer thrill and enthusiasm. It is ideal for one day trip in Mount Abu to explore entire wildlife habitat. Beautiful sites and attractive landscapes are underlined attractions of Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary.

Achalgarh in Mount Abu

Achalgarh is well known for its castle established in the vicinity of Mount Abu. This place was recognized by Rana Kumbha and he constructed the Achalgarh Fort in 14thcentury. The magnificent designing and plan reveals that this place was built to keep close look at enemies. It gives advantage of elevated location which is suitable to know movements of rival forces. The temple situated in fort is called as Achaleshwar Temple and it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Travelers predominantly visit here for historical significance and wonderful sights showcased from Achalgarh.

Trevor’s Tank in Mount Abu

Panoramic View of Trevor's Take in Mount Abu

It is a beautiful lake located in the vicinity, named after the engineer who constructed the tank. It is now well known for crocodile breeding. Hence, many people come to watch these reptiles as well. Encompassed in the plush ambiance, Trevor’s Lake is recognized for its immaculate beauty that attracts locals and tourists for picnicking. Watching birds such as peacock, pigeon, partridges, etc. and capturing alluring views of adjoining areas are admirable activities for visitors. Family travelers can relish with wonderful nature and stunning sights.

Toad Rock in Mount Abu

The name of this place derived from the rock in toad shape. It is one of the pioneer attractions of Mount Abu located in nature’s lap. Toad Rock attracts adventurist people who wish to climb and trek a bit. It is encompassed with Nun Rock, Camel Rock and Nandi Rock. It is one of the oldest rocks site located at high altitude which is assumed to be 6 billion years old. It is wonderful to view incredible rock formation in different shapes.

Apart from these locations, Mount Abu is incorporated with lots of beautiful places that reflects natural phenomenon. Gaumukh, Adhar Devi, and other such elevated spots are worth to visit with family for sheer satisfaction.
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