Eco-Tourism in Mount Abu

Eco Tourism in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is immensely popular among tourists of India and abroad, because of its amazing cool weather condition along with awesome greenery. This is the only hill station of Rajasthan state and is situated in the evergreen forest of the Aravallis. The place is immensely famous for its amazing bio diversity and the home of variety of endangered flora and fauna. To preserve the natural beauty of the region, government of India had officially declared Mount Abu and its surroundings as an eco-sensitive zone in 2009.

Thus the state government along with the district administration and forest department has taken up a humongous task of promoting tourism along with keeping the ecological balance intact. The result of this combined effort led to the development of the “eco-tourism” facilities.

Eco-tourism basically means visiting untouched and relatively undisturbed natural areas, which conserves the surrounding environment through conservation, communities and sustainable travels. Mount Abu tourism has developed two eco-tourism sites, which have outgrown its popularity among tourists in the current years.

Eco Tourism in Mount Abu

These two spots are Aarna Village and Gaumukh Hanumanji Road. Aarna village is an amazing spot which has seen various camp sites across the place. These campsites along with tourism are also generating awareness among the members and non-members visiting the place. They are helping in forest and animal conservation along with environmental and cultural awareness. The hosts of these camps are helping the local tribals with financial benefits and different empowerment programs. Few of the well known camp sites of the place are, Aarna Wild-The Camp Site and Bluemoon Camp.

Aarna Wild: The Camp Site

The Aarna Wild campsite is being developed by trained professionals who have the only motto of “Adventure.” The camp is for any individual who has a love for nature along with a hint of various adventure activities. Adventure activities like jungle expeditions, hiking, camping, trekking, rock climbing are some of the programs conducted by this group. Tourists gradually are getting more and more interested in these thrills. There are family camps as well as student camps with tailor made programs.

Eco-Tourism in Mount AbuBlue Moon Camp

This camp site is famous for offering amazing stays amidst nature in their tents. Adventure lovers can go out on different trekking trails, rock climbing and wildlife watching throughout the year. The camp offers stay and enjoyment for people of various ages, and the cost for enrolment is also very nominal.

Gaumukh Hanumanji road is also the place for exciting eco-tourism facilities. Many camping happens over here and the road is not touched by the city traffic. This area has been carefully kept separate from the hustle and bustle of the main town with very less population.

No shops and food stalls are being by the administration over here. Exciting stays are being arranged over here. One can enjoy a stay in a hut on a mango tree and can spend nights in a “Tarzan Hut.” The rent for these huts are not much and and can sit for the whole night and watch wild animal activities at night. No plastic and smoking is allowed in this region. Liquor consumption is also banned over here. Safety and security issues are well taken care of by the tourism department. The experience is worth the money and nature along with animals cannot be enjoyed well than these.
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