Guru Shikhar

Guru Shikhar

Mount Abu is the highest hill station of the Aravalli Range within the state of Rajasthan. Guru Shikhar holds the honour of being not only the highest peak of Mount Abu, but of the entire Aravalli range. Situated at an altitude of 5676ft or 1722m above the sea level, this place is a popular tourist destination because of its amazing weather. Although inside the Torrid Zone of Rajasthan, Guru Shikhar is quite cold throughout the year, and warm clothes are a must over here.

Myths Surrounding Guru Shikhar

The peak is around 15 kms ride from the main town centre and is the abode of many beautiful historic temples. The temple of Dattatreya is the main attraction of the place. Lord Dattatreya is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu who had taken birth to the sage couple Atri and Anasuya. The word “Datta” means given and since he was the son of Atri hence named “Atreya”. Thus the boy got its name Dattatreya and is believed to be born with divine power. It is believed that the lord actually put his foot on this peak sanctifying the place. While visiting, local guides will show the footprint marks of the Lord in the rocky caves. Thousands of pilgrims visit this holy place every year.

Attractions to See at Guru Shikhar

Raghunathji Temple is also worth seeing over this place. In this temple one can find the footprints of Swami Ramanath, who was a famous sage of his time. To the north-east of the Guru Shikhar peak is the sacred shrine of Lord Dattatreya’s God mother, Ahilya.

One can find a giant bell suspended from the wooden bell of the main temple. The bell has some old inscriptions carved which are dated back to 1411. Just a half a kilometer distance further, there is the “Guru Shikhar visible-Infrared Observatory” which in-houses a 1.2 m infrared telescope. Here astronomical experiments continuously take place.
Guru Shikhar
The best part of this place is the amazing view of the entire Mount Abu region. One can find the hill top view mesmerizing in the evening, when all the lights of the town gets lit up. The panoramic view of the green Aravalli range struck awe to one’s imagination. The Delwara Achalgarh road connecting Mount Abu town with Guru Shikhar is about 7kms long, and the car drive along the winding road is a real delight.

Private and rented cabs are available. One can hire a bike and ride his way up.
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