Meditation Tourism of Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a tourist destination of Rajasthan with immense religious importance. Also known as the “Abode of Gods”, this holy hill station is a perfect place for spirituality and meditation. Many tourists visit this place in search of serenity amidst calm nature. Mount Abu has got many popular meditation camps scattered across the hill station, where trainers are helping tourists with intense spiritual study, meditation trainings and self transformation courses. Few well known communities are present, who are self sustaining and are committed to make a better world through spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Various Meditational Centers in Mount Abu

The Brahma Kumaris

The Brahma Kumaris is a private organization affiliated to the Department of Public Information (DPI) in consultative status with the United Nations Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) and UNICEF. This institution is famous for its array of spiritual and educational courses. They are in operation with the sole goal of healing individual from social trauma, helping them with their disintegrating values and promoting one’s spiritual understanding. Brahma Kumaris is a world reputed society with its world head quarter at Mount Abu.

Meditational Tourism in Mount Abu

“Raj Yoga” is a popular meditation technique amongst the tourists. You can free yourself from any mental tension, bad habits and addiction through this process, while attaining high level of concentration. Tourists opt for these meditation camps which occur almost throughout the year. These camps provide lodging facilities in well maintained dormitories, where food is also provided. Many visitors travel almost every year to attend these devotional camps. The entrance fee for these camps is pretty nominal.

Gyan Sarovar

Officially known as “The Academy for a Better World”, Gyan Sarovar is a community development project present in Mount Abu. The name is in rhyme to the famous Mansarovar, and is a place where men, women and children can reach their unique human potential and cultivate the values of our common humanity.

Meditation Tourism in Mount Abu

This is a man made lake and is known as the “lake of knowledge.” Devotees and general tourists visit this place just to get a glimpse of this holy lake. Legends say that anyone who gets into the lake will emerge with pure soul, in the form of a fairy or an angel.  There is an international campus of meditation facilities surrounding this lake, open for public. This campus was inaugurated in 1996 with the name of Gyan Sarovar Academy.

Spiritual Art Gallery

This art gallery is like a light and sound museum. The place exhibits different types of spiritual components. Modern audio-visual techniques have been used to explain the knowledge of Soul. The place attracts tourists with its audio-visual shows, laser shows, hologram and multi-media presentations. The entry to this art gallery is free of any charge. Meditation room, harmony hall, Russian fountain and Baba’s oval-shaped room are some of the attractions of the place. A training center with 13 halls each with a capacity of 150 people, is also a great thing to see.

Spiritual Application Research Centre (SPARC) is especially popular among the international students, who come here with different research programs.

Madhuban- The Forest of Honey

The Madhuban campus is just beside the Nakki lake, amidst the lush green nature of Mount Abu. This place is immensely popular among students from nearly 130 countries, who gather here to enjoy the perfect atmosphere for meditation practice. This is a huge campus with dormitories, residential units, meditation venues, dining hall, administrative offices, a literature shop, a telephone exchange and a dispensary. Throughout the year various programs take place over here based on spiritualism and meditation practices.

Om Shanti Bhawan

Made in 1983, this is a huge assembly hall where almost 5000 people can sit together. The hall has a state of art facility of translation technique, which helps the sacred chants to be translated into 16 languages simultaneously.  This is a popular tourist place, with almost 8000 visitors visiting this place daily. Great leaders of spiritualism come here to give lectures.

Pandav Bhawan

The preachers of this place consider Lord Shiva as their supreme father, teacher and satguru. Many devotees come here daily to meditate for a better and simple lifestyle.

Tower of Peace

The rector of the Brahma Kumari Society, “Brahma Baba’s” memorial is this Tower of Peace. This tower signifies knowledge, might and purity of soul. Many people across the world come here to meditate and indulge into spiritual studies.

World Renewal Spiritual Museum

This is a well known museum situated beside the Nakki lake. Tourists can come here to view the beautiful large statues of saints and various items of worship. A laser show is shown free of cost which presents the perfect combination of science and spirituality. At the end of this show, the visitors experience the effect of Rajyoga meditation through the laser beams for a few minutes. There is a hall over here which arranges for Rajyoga camps every evening and morning.

meditation centers in Mount Abu

Peace Park

This park is made by the Brahma Kumaris, and is a beautiful place for recreation and family entertainment. Playing fields, picnic areas, swings, and nature walks are perfectly maintained over here for tourists. There are meditation huts present at different parts of the park, where one can sit and enjoy the quiet and beautiful nature.


At the foothills of Mount Abu, beside the Abu road is this magnificent complex known as the Shantivan. This complex has many buildings where spiritual education and training are practiced. It provides an excellent venue for holding large conferences, spiritual congregations and retreats. The whole complex runs on solar energy and is neatly maintained. Tourists seeking peace and purity are always welcomed to this place.

Hence it can be seen that meditation and spiritualism has a huge impact on this small hill station of the Aravallis. Mount Abu is believed to have more than 40% of the total tourists seeking devotion through spirituality.
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