Museums of Mount Abu

Museums of Mount Abu
Museums are the institutions which are the biggest contributors to spread awareness within the general public, regarding various subjects ranging from history to the latest in developments. They conserve historical artefacts and other objects of scientific, artistic, cultural or historical importance of a place and exhibit them for public viewing. These institutions help researchers with their information and thesis as well as make the general public knowledgeable about the ancient and rich history of the place.

Mount Abu being the only hill station of the western India is a place which narrates the stories of history and ancient culture of the bygone era. For tourists who enjoy viewing and knowing the historical artefacts, a visit to the museums of Mount Abu is a must. This hill station has seen some of the great empires starting from the Nagas to the Parmers and the Solankis, before finally giving way to the Mughal rule. Thus with time, the place has become a treasure trove of all the ancient arts and crafts and those have been perfectly preserved in various local museums of the place.

In a nutshell, the following are some of the museums present at Mount Abu and worth paying a visit.

Government Museum

This is the main museum of Mount Abu which was setup within the Raj Bhawan premises in 1962. This museum is the treasure trove of all the precious archaeological artifacts bearing to the tribal life of the region that dates back to the 6th century AD. The museum is also known by the name “Archaeological Museum of Mount Abu.” The museum building is divided into various sections based on their exhibited items. The first section portrays a picture of a local tribal village with 3-dimentionsal huts, weapons and musical instruments put to display.

There are miniature village models present, which showcases the uncomplicated lifestyle of the hill dwellers. In some of the exhibits, one can see the handmade garments and ornaments like Barly, Damani, Karna, Guthma Toda, Gaga Wala Thoomar, Kanksi Berla and various types of earrings. These adornments were generally used by both the genders in the society.

The second section has a collection of variety of miniature paintings based on Raga - Raginis and images from Sirohi. Models of small shields, canon (called the Topdi in local language) and various wooden carvings are put to display. The Government Museum shows pride in their rare collection of 404 neatly carved sculptures which are procured from ruins across the region. There are sculptures of Devdasi or Nartakis  (Dancer) were unearthed from the ancient township of Chandravati, 7 kms away from Abu and are believed to be a 6th century AD model. There are intricate sculptures of Lord Shiva with his Trishul, Vish Kanya (Snake Goddess), Lord Surya (8th century AD) found in Achalgarh, Thiva (10th century AD) brought from Dilwara temple, the Chanvar Vahini and Laxmi (12th century AD) and Chandravati and Chanmunda (8th century AD). Tourists can also enjoy the display of many old inscriptions of the Century.

Address: Raj Bhavan Road, Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India
Phone: +91-2974-235151
Timing: Monday – Sunday, 09.30 A.M. to 05.00 P.M.
Closed: Friday and gazetted holidays
Entrance Fee: Indian Student- Rs 5/- , Indian Tourist- Rs 10/-
Foreign Student- Rs 25/- , Foreign Tourist- Rs 50/-

Brahma Kumaris Museum

Museums of Mount AbuMount Abu the “the Abode of Gods” is the place for meditational practices and spiritual education. Take a deep breath and visit the Mount Abu Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University and Museum. This world reputed society has come up with the sole goal of healing individual from social trauma, helping them with their disintegrating values and promoting one’s spiritual understanding. Once inside the museum one can feel the calmness and holiness of the place. The museum is built to help general people understand and get encouraged in their teachings and practices. There is a huge hall in the centre of the museum, where one can sit and introspect into your life’s journey and experience a spiritual renewal within. The museum offers various meditation sessions for all. There are laser shows happening at specific times, which show the journey of mankind through centuries.

Address: Town Centre, Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India
Phone: +91-9413373424
Timing: Monday – Sunday, 08.00 A.M. to 08.00 P.M.
Closed: Never
Entrance Fee: Free
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