Raghunath Temple in Mount Abu

Raghunath Temple

Mount Abu is considered to be one of the most sacred places in India, especially for the Jain community. Mount Abu finds its mention in our sacred Puranas, like Skund Purana, Upanishads, and Mahabharata. Hence there are numerous temples scattered in and around Mount Abu in the hilly track of Aravalli range. Thousands of devotees visit each year to these temples in search of peace and salvation.

Among the numerous temples, Raghunath Temple is quite popular and deserves a special mention. This temple is dedicated to Raghunathji who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The pilgrims believe that Lord Raghunath has come upon earth to save the poor souls and help them fight with all tragedies and calamities of life.

History of Raghunath Temple in Mount Abu

Constructed in the 14th century, this temple holds the rich legacy of the ancient Mewar culture. The temple resembles a palace and has two watch towers on both sides of the entrance. The temple walls are nicely decorated with colourful paintings showing the Rajputana heritage. While entering the premise, there is a large structure with two small domes on both sides and a large dome at the middle. The front wall is adorned with life size frescos of Jay, Vijay, Hanuman and Garud. Stories of Ramayana attract visitor’s attention.

Myths Surrounding Raghunath Temple

Ancient myths enclose the place and will be told by local guides with great interest. It is believed that once a beautiful princess resided the place. Her step mother was ruthless when it came to her romantic relationship with the son of the then King at Mount Abu. Due to all the family resistance, the young princess died at an early age and this temple was established as a remembrance to her soul. The temple is just beside the Nakki Lake and the main idol was believed to be placed by the Great Swami Ramanand. Ramanandji who was the guru of Sant Kabir, placed the 5th century old idol in a cave, from where it was finally placed in the main arena of the Raghunath Temple after its completion.

Since the temple is very near to the main Mount Abu town centre, hence it is easily accessible and visited by tourists year round. The Vaishnavaites consider this place to be the most sacred place on earth. The morning and evening aartis are a privilege to watch.
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