Rishikesh Temple in Mount Abu

The Rishikesh Temple

Mount Abu is considered to be the city of temples with many religious spots dotted across the hill station. Religious tourism is kind of famous among the tourists visiting the place. Many of these temples were being built ages ago and have legends surrounding them.

One of the popular temples among the devotees is the Rishikesh Temple. It is believed to be almost 7000 - 8000 years old and is situated in the hill among the dense green Aravali forest. Pauranic King Amrish, is believed to be the creator of this temple as a memory to the Amravati civilization. This temple is a white marble structure with exquisite sculptures displayed on the walls. Legends say that this king performed sixty seven “Ashwamedha Yagnas”, which in turn threatened Lord Indra. The wrath of Lord Indra had actually fallen on this part of the world, which in turn made this land so sacred. King Amrish’s “Ishthadev” or presiding God was Lord Rishikesh, who in turn saved him.

The Yagna Kund is present till today and visited by tourists. Just besides the Rishikesh Temple stands the pauranic temple of Karnikeshwar Mahadev, built in grey marble. Cabs and Jeeps are available from the local tour operators for a day’s trip to this place along with the nearby tourist spots.
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