Sunset Point of Mount Abu

Sunset Point in Mount Abu

For any hill station, sunset point is one of the attractions one fails to miss. Mount Abu, the only hill station of Rajasthan state is a tourist place with an array of varied tourist spots. Sunset point here is also famous, but this has to be noted that Mount Abu has two sunset points, one is located on the back side of Nakki Lake, while some tourists prefer to witness sunset from Guru Shikhar too.

The main point which is popular for its sunset beauty is the one at some five to ten minute drive and around thirty minutes walking distance from Nakki bazar circle, at south west of Nakki Lake. In the evening, this place turns into a carnival zone with hundreds of tourists, food stalls and souvenir shops. Drive to the point along the winding roads is really amazing. Jeeps are available on sharing basis from the town centre to this place at a cost of Rs 10/- per person. It is a 15 minutes drive to an approachable road, from where one has to walk his way up. This joyful trek of 1km may take about 20minutes to reach. Pram or small cart rides are available for those who want to skip the walking part. It is a funny ride where families can sit in small carts, while local tribals dressed in traditional outfits offer pushing service. Horse riding is another means of transport.

Once reaching the point, one gets the mesmerizing view of the surrounding green forest of the Aravalli. One has to be lucky to get a good view of the sun. Monsoon is the time when it is advisable to avoid this place, as clouds cover the view all the time. Moreover tourists should be very punctual about visiting this place, as sunset lasts for a very limited time. Staircases have been built for tourists to sit and breathe in the pure air. The hill side is bordered with railing for safety purpose. The place has lost its sanctity due to its commercialization. Hundreds of shops have been set up along the road sides selling variety of items to the passerby. Carved marble statues, sandalwood idols, wooden toys, etc. can be seen all over the spot. Food stalls are also available. Lots of chaos, over crowding is often noticed in the area.   

The Honeymoon Point is very near to the Sunset Point. Around 5kms away is the popular trekking trail, Bailey’s Walk.

Sunset Point is like a heaven for the photographers, as amazing shots can be taken of the distant green valley with villages looking like dots. The bird’s eye view of the entire lowland is a view worth watching.
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