Trevor's Tank

Trevor's Tank

Trevor’s Tank is a popular tourist destination of Mount Abu. This place is a nature lover’s paradise and is about 5 kms from the main town centre. Trevor’s Tank is basically a huge man made reservoir, built in the year 1897AD by the then famous British engineer, Col. G.H. Trevor. This region was under the Rajputana state and the then Maharajdhiraj Maharao Kesari Singhji Bahadur of Sirohi gifted this land to his friend Trevor, who converted the area into a small wildlife sanctuary. This place is an abode of variety of flora and fauna, suitable for the region. Trevor Tank has been promoted by the state tourism department as a part of Mount Abu’s eco-tourism.

Attractions at Trevor Tank

The Trevor’s Tank in Rajasthan is inhabited by a large number of crocodiles. This tank is presently being used by the authorities for crocodile breeding, as a wildlife conservation project. Trevor’s Tank also doubles up as a popular picnic spot and is found to be pretty crowded on weekends. The place is a paradise for photographers, providing an amazing panoramic view of lush green nature. There are viewing stations scattered across the area, where visitors can climb up to watch wildlife in plenty. The place remains open at night with adventure lovers pouring in to watch night activity in the forest. Wild Black Bears are a major attraction of the place, and can be seen only at a particular time of the year.
Trevor's Tank
The best thing of this place is the variety of species of colourful birds on the trees. Pigeons, Peacocks and Partridges are few of the commonly seen bird. The famous ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali was fascinated with this region and actually penned down his masterpiece “Birds of Aravallis” after doing hours of research here. Salim Ali Point is a famous bird watching point in this area.

Along with Salim Ali Point, the Trevor’s Tank is amongst the best places for animal spotting hobbies. Another place that cannot escape mention is the recently constructed “Eco-Toursim Site”, near Gaumukh Hanumanji. The attraction of this site is its serenity. Visitors can put up their own tents under a serene star lit sky and enjoy the unadulterated tranquil of the wilderness.

Tourist Attractions near Trevors Tank

Among other fascinating places to visit nearby are the Utroj and Sher Gaon villages. These are basically rustic hamlets tucked away from the onslaught of modern developments. Popular story does the round that you maybe able to still find old folks here who have never seen a bus or a railway train here. However, they may sometime speak to you about having sighted a Cheel Gadi (local description for an aeroplane).
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